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Cannabis Culture, Cannabis Lifestyle & the Cannabis Community

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Cannabis Culture, Cannabis Lifestyle & the Cannabis Community

We are out of the Cannabis “Closet” , I use this term with the utmost respect and not to downplay the stigma and plight our LGBTQ community has faced with their own struggle to show pride in their authenticity.
I am a mother of a LGBTQ daughter. A lesbian and a fabulous woman.

I use this term “coming out of the cannabis closet” as this experience has brought me closer to my child. The understanding of what negative judgments, false beliefs and societies view on the beautiful,unique humans that we are can be very hurtful. We now face them together with support and kindred realization.

We have a deeper understanding individually and together now. We can talk openly and freely about incorrect judgments of who we are in our existence on this planet. We have found greater love and respect for each other. We both have great gratitude for Cannabis, this divine feminine energy that awakens the mind, body and soul.  #loveislove #onelove

This is why we are creating the Cannabis Culture, the Cannabis Lifestyle. We want to sparkle, elevate and face the judgments and false beliefs about Cannabis. Breaking the “dumb stoner” stereotype.The lazy pothead “stigma”.  

We are successful, we are educated, we are creative, we are intelligent and we are less stressed! Cannabis Life is about living life to the fullest-in Full Spectrum.
Facing our fears, discovering our life purpose living mindful, creating a positive lifestyle brand and truly enjoying the present.

Cannabis Culture Terms: Part 1

420: Four Twenty as history goes, was a coined phrase by a group called the Waldos, in San Rafael, California in 1971. They would meet at 4:20 pm after sports practice to smoke a joint and look for a mysterious abandoned crop of marijuana in the surrounding mountains.
Later, through the help of the “Dead Heads” the Grateful Dead groupies and followers, 420 became synonymous with consuming marijuana or smoking a joint together. It spread through pop culture and became the anthem for protest of legalization and decriminalization of pot,weed, ganja,marijuana, cannabis. 420 is now a community of Activists, Consumers of Cannabis (Medical/Recreational) and Cannabis Advocates that celebrate not only the time 4:20pm to use Cannabis proudly but also the date of April 20th where we can Sparkle, Elevate, and Celebrate in the Cannabis Community, The 420 Community.

710: Seven Ten Resembles OIL-710 , spelled upside down. It was a term originally used referring to Marijuana/Cannabis concentrates, like THC wax, honey oil, hash oil and shatter, also known as Dabs.
The popularity of Dabs or Dabbing concentrates in on the rise due to the quick high you will get from a high THC concentrate. Have you heard the term HAF? (high as fuck) , Yup that’s a dab alright ;) Dabs are evolving from recreational to medical use as the high THC or high CBD concentrates are potent, fast acting, longer lasting and more cost efficient for Medical patients.
We are learning more through the recreational market is also learning more about Dabs and they are becoming mainstream in the Cannabis Culture Consciousness.
While the origin of the 710 term is greatly debated, I have been told it originated in Colorado and California ? So, Yes as you see no one knows for sure, however it has gotten the attention of Cannabis Culture and now 7:10 or July 10th is now been used to celebrate Dabs and concentrates. Some refer to it at the “new 420”  by hipster Cannabis Connoisseurs. I am always up for a holiday party celebration filled with positive, floating, happy love vibes. Happy 710 !

210: October 17, 2018 made Canadian history.
In a recent interview,Canadian Cannabis Culture Guru’s Cy Williams of High Canada Magazine interviewed Terry Roycroft of MCRCI in which they used a new coined Canadian term 210, “when you can’t wait for 420,just have half a joint, vape, dab at 210.”

Our wake and bake, Coffee (or tea,juice, or vegan dairy free protein shakes)….and Cannabis culture is totally Canadian. We have a “je ne sais quoi”, a laissez-faire attitude of le herbe, merci beaucoup. We have passion for le herbe and push the boundaries so gently and elegantly.
Have a little puff more often? Sure, as we are learning how micro-dosing unlocks the keys to the Endocannabinoid system, to keep the THC & CBD cannabinoids at regular levels the therapeutic response regulates in our bodies to achieve homeostasis and let’s face it cannabis makes you bloody happy.
I am up for another holiday celebration on February 10th, Our own Canadian day and it makes a good winter festival day ! #210canada,  Follow @210canada on IG and join and celebrate the Canadian 210 movement

We are Pot Pioneers, Cannabis Crusaders, We are the largest country in the World with legalized Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot , Weed, Ganja, Bud, Herbe. We are industry leaders, We are recognized Educators,  we are scientific innovators, we are master botanists, we are professional business people and we are ganjapreneurs. Yes , “O Cannabis” we stand proud and we are happy to be here right here, right now.

Author: Julie Ann Matheson LPN, BA

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