Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What is Coffee & Cannabis YYC

I get a lot of questions about Coffee & Cannabis YYC and what it is about:

Coffee & Cannabis was created with a multiple platform concept.

1. To Help Remove the Negative "Stigma" of Cannabis Use to the Public.

 Many people use Cannabis for various reasons, some may be medical reasons to alleviate pain, anxiety, stress, promote restful sleep among other reasons. Many people choose to use cannabis as a recreational substance instead of alcohol. Many people will use cannabis and not alcohol or with limited alcohol use. They prefer how it reacts with their bodies and find it can actually enhance their lives. 
The people that utilize cannabis come from all socioeconomic backgrounds and are successful, healthy people not the "stoner" image from the the past. We can be educated, successful, creative and use cannabis. 

2. Informal Education: Educating the Public is a Passion of Coffee & Cannabis. 

By having a casual format over coffee. We talk all things cannabis. Giving education to the Canna Curious , the Nug Naive to empower them to make their own decisions on Cannabis use. We can navigate them toward Medical Professionals with over 5 years in the Medical Cannabis Industry or Encourage them to explore the recreational market if they want to explore their journey with cannabis independently. There are always many questions when it comes to cannabis and I learn a new thing every day about this amazing beautiful flower and plant. 

3. A Promotional Tool for Cannabis Industry Professionals & Business:

Each month we promote different Co-Hosts that are in the Cannabis Industry. From other Event Promoters and Creators, Authors, Local Companies and Cannabis Start Ups. This is an opportunity to get your ideas out to the public in a fun and informative "cannatalks" learning series. We talk about growing, vaping, sex, events, 420 supplies, new products and services available to the Cannabis Community and Branding a Cannabis Lifestyle. We also Promote the Cafe or Coffee House as Host and Our gracious Event Sponsors, supporting local YYC business. 

4. Changing the Brules (Bullshit Rules): PRO CANNABIS EVENTS: 

I am waiting for the day that Cannabis can be consumed at all events recreationally. Everytime I go by a Shesha Bar puffing on the Hookah, I say WHY? WHY not Cannabis too??  Current municipal legislation will not allow cannabis products to be served or consumed in a place of business unless they authorize the use. However many business' are afraid to lose their licenses. Do we have to bring the Canna-Rave back? If you have a medical prescription you can consume in public spaces with exceptions. WHY? Alcohol is served at every event I go to , Many of us do not drink. We would like to have a vape! At the moment we are still sneaking cannabis prior, during and after these events. Or popping an DIY Edible during ;). AND ITS ENCOURAGED!!
However I want to vape, drink infused canna-coctails and have infused treats at events! So by hosting events and pushing back on the "brules" in hopes to facilitate change to open up coffee shops, lounges, events etc that can consume cannabis onsite ! We need to support and promote each other in the Cannabis Lifestyle community. 

5. Cann Give Back: 

My personal dream is to give back to the community. Supporting groups like Spirit Fund Canada, Grow Calgary, to promote a positive and giving Cannabis Community image. Supporting Charity (that accepts our support) and give back to the city, province and country in charitable ways. 

Come to our next Event February 7, 2019
Sex Pot, Boudoir Bud, Lit Lovers:  at the Dandelion Cafe YYC in Inglewood, Sponsored By Adult Source Calgary. 

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